Below are links to a variety of websites both within the Legion family and those who support the Legion Family.  If
you have a link you would like added (say, perhaps your unit’s website) please let Rhonda Larkowski know at
Department Headquarters
The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation was created to support the Auxiliary.  The Foundation works to raise
moneys to support the Auxiliary and secure its financial future, to provide grant opportunities for Auxiliary
Programs and Departments and to assist Departments in securing grants.

Visit the
Foundation Web Page to learn more about the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation
See the Public Service Announcements for the American Legion Auxiliary donated my Pat Sajak and Michael Peterson
To contact us:
American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Colorado
7465 East 1st Avenue Suite D
Denver, CO  80230
Phone: 303-367-5388
Fax: 303-367-5388
In The Spirit of Service not Self, For Veterans, God and Country
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