American Legion Auxiliary Plan of Action—Children and Youth

Purpose Statement
To protect, care for and support Children and Youth, particularly those of veterans, families and military families.

There are so many ways we can achieve this with the programs we have in place.  Scholarships are offered through the Department and
National levels, obtain the printed  information  and distribute it to your local school, ROTC groups, your local National Guard  members,
and active military families.

The poppy poster contest would be good for the younger children in your community (
see our Chairman's Page for Poppies).  Our
National web site gives us many ideas to choose from, find one that fits the
community and your Unit.

For more information including the Plan of Work, visit the Children & Youth Program page on the ALA National website.
Chairman:  Evelyn Espinola    Email:
Reports: Click on each to view
Children and Youth
C&Y is getting involved with Operation Military Kids. There are many
programs that the Units can get involved in if they go to
Operation Military
Kids or write to the address above.  is just one of them.
As your Chairman for C&Y I've came up with a fun calendar game to help raise money for C&Y. This is a 1 month game. All you have to do is
get a jar and each day add the amount of change according to the calendar.  It seems like a lot of money but it actually totals around $28.00
for the month. At the end of the month send the money collected to Department.  Make your check out to ALA Dept of CO and specify that it
goes to C&Y. I have joined in with our Commander and President Susie for all proceeds to go to Colorado Kids Fund.  Get your copy of the
calendar by clicking
here, make copies and pass it to your members.