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The Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF) is a national grant assistance program that provides temporary emergency help to eligible members of the
American Legion Auxiliary who have suffered a significant financial setback as the result of an act of nature or other personal crisis.

For more information including the Plan of Work, visit the
AEF Program page on the ALA National website.

Brief explanation of AEF, benefits, and resources

  • Eligibility for assistance is limited to auxiliary members who dues are current and have had three years of continuous membership just prior
    to the application.
  • Temporary assistance may be due when a natural disaster or weather emergency leaves a member without shelter or food, or when a
    financial crisis hits that leaves a member without resources for shelter, food, or utilities and no other source is readily available.
  • Maximum monetary award is $2,400.00 awarded on a case by case basis which may be used for emergency shelter, food, or utilities. This
    money cannot be used for medical expenses or debt, such as credit card debts.
  • The following resource material may be found on the AEF Program page of the National website or by clicking on the name of the document.

“Remember the contributions made to the AEF may benefit a fellow American Legion Auxiliary member in your unit or district.”
Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF)