Chairman:  Theresa Brandt
Phone (719)275-5971 or

For more information click
here to view the Field Service Orientation (pdf) on the ALA National website.
Field Service is defined as any service provided to a sick or injured veteran outside a VAMC or assisting with a veteran’s burial or
gravesite upkeep. Field Service volunteers are required to complete a Field Service Orientation offered through their department.

Objective 1: Generate opportunities for Auxiliary members and community members to serve veterans and their families as volunteers
in community settings. Volunteers in Veterans’ State Homes that have a Memorandum of Understanding with a VA facility are eligible for
VAVS hours rather than Field Service.

Action Steps
  • Promote Field Service to Units in rural areas that are not close to a VA Medical Center as a way to assist veterans and their
    families in these communities.
  • Educate units and community partners about volunteer opportunities available through Field Service. Sponsor informational
    programs and recruitment tables at department meetings, post and unit functions, and at community events. Utilize department
    websites, newsletters, and other media.
  • Recruit volunteers from other community organizations
  • All Field Service volunteers must take the Field Service Orientation class. Set up an Orientation class at your Units or Districts
  • Keep track of your hours assisting veterans and report them to the Field Service Chairman.

Objective 2:  Develop, implement, and monitor activities that assist homeless veterans.

Action Steps
  • Contact your local VA medical center to find out what you can do.
  • Identify the Legion’s homeless veteran coordinator in your department and offer to assist the coordinator in responding to
    requests for assistance from homeless veterans or homeless veteran service providers.
  • Ask your post to call you if request come to the post to help homeless veterans
  • Host or volunteer at Stand Downs events where qualified homeless veterans receive free goods and services like haircuts and
    medical exams.
  • Raise funds for donations to help veterans and their families to make payments of overdue rent or utility payments, security
    deposits, or utility deposits for veterans at risk of losing their housing or homeless veterans transitioning to permanent housing.
  • Contact homeless veteran emergency shelters, transitional housing projects, and permanent housing projects in your community
    and identify the organization’s volunteer and in-kind contribution needs, including meal preparation and serving, clothes
    collection and distribution, and assembly and delivery of hygiene kits or buddy baskets.
  • Adopt specific homeless veterans, such as residents of projects in (f) above to provide him/her practical, social, and moral

Objective 3:  Support rehabilitation of veterans though arts, crafts, and hobbies

Action Steps
  • Promote Auxiliary member awareness of the Auxiliary’s vital role as a presenting co-sponsor of National Creative Arts Festival.
    Increase donation levels.
  • Work together as a unit to earn one of the awards given by Creative Arts. Bronze award for a donation of $1,000 to $1999. Silver
    for donation of $2,000- $4.999 or Gold for $5,000 and above.

Welcome Home Celebrations:
Provide assistance to your local VAMC in supporting returning servicemen and women and their families in your communities.

Support American Legion Programs
Promote The American Legion’s VA&R Programs and legislative efforts that support programs at all levels. Increase and participate in
programs using resources available to assist in the rehabilitation and/or transitioning of service members from military life to civilian life.

Salute to Hospitalized Veterans
This initiative salutes America’s heroes who are cared for every day in VA Medical Centers during the week of February 14th.

National Volunteer Month (April)        
The month of April can be used to encourage the Auxiliary to recognize and celebrate the important work that volunteers do every day
on behalf of veterans.

Field Service Volunteer Hours Award
A citation plaque will be presented to a Field Service volunteer serving the greatest number of hours from April 1, 2013- March 31,
2014, in each Division for Junior and Senior members. Units should send their nominees to the Department Chairman, who is
responsible for informing Units of due dates. Unit is required to certify hours of any nominee—the Department Chairman may ask for
this information. The Department Chairman will then send the top hour volunteer Junior and senior volunteer to the National Division
Chairman by the first Friday in June.

Hour Bar Recognition for Field Service –milestones for hours reached in 50, 100, 300, 500, and 1,000. After the first 1,000 hour
bar, the next bar will be earned in 1,000 increments. Hour bars are provided by Department.
Field Service volunteers provide service to veterans, service members, and their families outside a VA Medical Center.
Volunteers complete a Field Service Orientation Course initiated by the American Legion Auxiliary. Field Service
volunteers maintain their own recordkeeping and dollars spent.

To set up a Field Service Orientation Course in your Unit or District contact
Field Service Chairman: Theresa Brandt at (719)275-5971 or Email:
Service to Veterans (Formerly Field Service/Home Service)